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The token that brings Jerusalem to Evangelicals
Pillar of the innovative community ecosystem of Keila Jerus, the ideal balance between economy, technology and faith
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the Evangelist Community

The Community

With over 300 million believers around the world, the global Evangelical community is one of the fastest growing Christian denominations. Latin America is a home to more than 128 million Evangelicals that form tightly knit communities, maintaining a very close and special relationship with their local pastor and church.

The Problem

These local communities who, more often than not, find themselves at the low end of the financial ladder, by creating a stronger, socially-based economy.

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The Solution

Jerus Global brings the latest technological advancements to the Evangelist local communities, in a way that perfectly fits the day-to-day needs of its individuals.
Using a wide range of applications, all designed with the Evangelicals in mind, we will encourage growth, all the while maintaining the traditional lifestyle and community structure.
The Jerus token is bringing all Evangelicals under one monetary roof and helps the various Evangelical organizations to empower themselves and each other, while working for a common goal.

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How Keila Jerus revolutionize the evangelical communities
Our Tokens
What is Jerus Coin?

The Jerus Coin (named after Jerusalem) is a cryptocurrency, designated for the Evangelical community. It is designed to fit the daily needs of the Evangelicals and aimed to serve all community members, regardless of their country of origin, age or socioeconomic status. It is the beating heart of a new community-based ecosystem.
The Keila (=community in Hebrew) main applications

Sharing economy

including well known successful models as hospitality and meals, shared rides and deliveries, allowing members to receive services from people they know and trust, while empowering each other and the community as a whole.


using the power of the crowd to ensure a better future for the individual.

and training

Volunteering – Entrepreneurship – First aids


Microloans, investments

Respecting Tradition
We wish to empower the Evangelical communities while respecting their traditional structure and form. With this structure in mind, we first approach the pastors and community leaders, and implement the platform and the Token inside the communities through them, With the pastor’s blessing and much needed assistance. Local guides will be hired in order to make implementation as easy and fast as possible.

In order to make CRN token distribution process more efficient, the CRN price will now be linked to BTC:

1 JER = US$ 1
Use of Funds
  • 40% Marketing
  • 5% Advisors
  • 20% R&D
  • 15% Contingences
  • 20% Others
Token Allocation
  • 40% Incentive pool - Jerus 100,000,000
  • 20% ICO & Presale - Jerus 50,000,000
  • 35% Further release - Jerus 87,500,000
  • 5% Founders - Jerus 12,500,000
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q3 2017
Start of project, concept definition, meeting pastors
Q4 2017
Registration, bible tool, Latin America road trip
Q4 2017
Legal and finance models
Q4 2017
Meeting with pastors in Israel
Q1 2018
training team in Venezuela
Q1 2018
testing pilot

Q1 2018
11000 registered users
Q2 2018
White Paper
Q2 2018
training team in Mexico and Dominican Republic
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
VIP presale
Jerus Token Issue
Q3 2018
Wallet, public exchange, vendor affiliation, Keila implementation
Q4 2018
Addition of applications
Enable Evangelists

to use relevant and updated technology


according to user’s belief system and values

New standard

of transparency and safety while transacting payments

Unite the community

under one economic roof

Enable collective

efforts for community-based agendas

Jerus coin is now offered at a 25% discount during the pre-sale stage. Join us now and enjoy the discounted price!
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Eli Sona
CEO - Founder

Serial entrepreneur with businesses in Israel and Holland

Daniel Schwarz
Executive Director – Founder

Creative, visionary and born entrepreneur

Ricardo Rosenblatt

Pioneer in software development with more than 30 years of experience

Aldo O.Guazzini
Senior programer

Developing software for high ingenieering

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Pilot organization Obra evangelica Luz del mundo

Present in 10 countries
6500 Churches
850.000 Members
Lider Dr Jaime Puertas

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Raaz Institution Cristiana Latinoamericana

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