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The currency is currently in the process of being mined and we estimate that it will be ready for sale in Mid-February 2018. Registered users and pastors will be able to participate much earlier in the pre-sale with discounts.

Invitations are for registration on the Keila platform. The only way to register for a pastor is to receive an invitation from another pastor or from the Jerus team.
Pastors can invite other pastors or members of their community.
Guests receives a special code that relates them to the pastor and allows them to fill out their profile and register. However, the members of the invited Community cannot directly invite others, but can recommend the pastor to do so. The pastor has access to a list of his guests and those interested in registering and in case someone infiltrates- he can alert us about it or suspend unwanted records by himself.
To buy Jerus: The purchase of the currency is made through an Exchange (virtual Exchange Office) and to take part in the exchange, it is necessary to be registered in Keila.
There will also be physical ATM tellers, i.e. people from the community authorized to receive cash and deliver Jerus (virtual, to the buyer’s Jerus account).

Soon we will fix the initial price of the Jerus, after consulting our financial advisors.

No, we start from the base that all the shepherds ‘ guests are real members of the congregation and are motivated by the vision of the progress and development of the community. Anyone who wants to leave can do so without prior notice and can change all their Jerus in the exchange for any fiat currency (dollar, euro, weight, etc.), or by another virtuous currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

By spending money between a wallet to another, you pay a small commission to the system of 0.01%. When you buy in the exchange there is also a small Exchange and Bank commission.
As for national taxes, it depends on the regulation of each country when converting the virtual money into local currency and depositing in the local bank. Normally, when it is a decentralized currency, the government does not have access to the information and only the earnings taxes should be paid in case of converting them to the local currency, as in the case of earnings by shares or by any other profit deposited in the bank. If the money is kept in Jerus or in any other digital currency, nowadays it is not possible to charge taxes

The currency is usable anywhere you choose to receive Jerus or other virtual currency. Within the applications and services of Keila, there will be the possibility to acquire professional services, to make direct purchases in affiliated local businesses, online stores, sale of second-hand articles, to make donations and more. On the other hand, there are agreements with other virtual currencies that allow the purchase of various products and services, such as airline tickets, hotel stays, petrol, etc.

Yes, our financial experts analyzed several scenarios in order to prevent radical fluctuations. The high reserves and the fact that most of the users belong to the communities are two important factors for this.

Correct, this is an unregulated and decentralized currency. However, in its creation certain rules are determined to avoid extreme fluctuations.

Yes, for any appliance or device that connects to the Internet.

You will have 2 keys – the public and the private, as well as all the virtual currencies.

You can recover the public credential, the private is the responsibility of each one to save a copy of the code in a safe place, as the case with all the virtual currencies.
Look at the following link:

7 maneras de proteger tus bitcoins

For the future we plan to install a MULTI SIGNATURE WALLET, in which you can add friends to the account and thus prevent unwanted transfers.

The Blockchain is the safest and most effective security system created to date. Moreover, as technology advances, systems are being updated and surpassed.

There will be user training mechanisms, but once a real transaction is made, it is irrevocable. However, the possibility of sending it to a mistaken and unknown recipient is practically negligible, since it is necessary to figure out the public code of the recipient.
With the multi signature wallet you can retain transactions until it is approved by a second person, this will depend on the use that each one grants.

Yes, of course, the currency emission limit is one of the most important features of virtual currencies to avoid inflation.

The Jerus is generated under the ERC20, Standard protocol, on the platform and the Blockchain of Ethereum (Ethereum is a platform of Blockchain applications or distributed accounting technology. The Ethereum protocol was originally conceived as an enhanced version of the crypto Bitcoin currency, to overcome the limitations of its programming language, providing advanced features such as custody over the blockchain, withdrawal limits, financial and similar contracts through a much generalized programming language). This gives the currency compatibility with many existing systems.

The focus of the Jerus is the communities and their economic development, the more the Jerus is used, and its price will rise automatically.
Our expectation is a minimum growth of 10% per annum in the nominal value of the currency and of a greater annual growth in the internal economy of the communities that uses it.

As a currency of community exchange is very reliable, as investment we recommend to behave in moderation, because like any new virtual currency-has its risks. The key is that the community uses the currency on a daily basis, and thus it would cease to be an investment to become a current currency that increases its value constantly and with more benefits than the peso or the dollar or any other Fiat currency.
Once communities are using the Jerus, we will present currency-based investment opportunities and loans to community projects.

The most important thing is the awareness by all members of the community of the principles of cooperation and mutual guarantee, of the importance of a platform like Keila and of a currency as the Jerus for the process of flourishing and community growth.
Within the community there will be different positions and functions for the management of some applications, part of them will be voluntary charges and part payments. For this there will be different types of online and/or personal trainings.

The relationship between pastors and congregations represents the minimum unit of enrollment, while economic integration will be among all Jerus users in general, or inter-community.
The same person can belong to several communities at the same time. Example: John belongs to his congregation, in turn belongs to the community of his locality of residence, his city, his country, his labor guild, etc. so that the system creates dynamic communities according to the needs.
The platform allows you to interact at the same time in all your communities, without interfering in your direct relationship with your pastor.
Smaller communities will need more inter-community interaction than others.

There are applications and Keila tools that do not need the use of Jerus. Others allow economic interaction and use the Jerus as a means of payment between the parties, regardless of whether it was purchased in the exchange or received in the form of payment. In Keila and its applications The Jerus is used, but it is bought by means of the exchange or ATMs.

The Jerus contains all the recognized advantages of all the crypto-coins, along with particular advantages.


Instant transactions and no intermediaries: payments in crypto currencies are formalized instantaneously and because they are carried out from person to person – there is no need for intermediaries.

Easy to use: The process is very simple and possible by means of any mobile phone, Tablet or computer with Internet access, the receiver code is indicated, the desired quantity and it is already.

Insignificant commissions: fees and commissions for each transaction, within or outside the country, are minimal and almost negligible, especially since there is no government behind them.

Decentralization – no government can control the crypto-currencies.

Maximum security – The blockchain system is considered the safest system in the world today

Privacy of its users – although the transactions carried out are registered in the blockchain (which functions as a kind of notarial record), the names of the users are not public – this is contrary to what happens with the accounts and credit cards.


Through the Keila platform, which connects all members of a congregation with each other and has the means to interact with other communities, the congregations have the necessary tools for the current use of the Jerus.

In this way, a community micro-economy is formed by all the members of the community who cooperates and invest within it, from the level of electrician, seamstress and grocery store and even projects and investments. An ecosystem within which the money is higher than the one who graduated, the basic principle of economic development.
Promotion of economic and professional activity

The Jerus, as a community exchange currency, facilitates the development of economic activity within the user community.

Promoting the organization and cooperation
A community ecosystem is capable of promoting and supporting works of social and humanitarian aid and projects of different nature, both at Community, national and international levels and with total transparency.

Community Prosperity and its members
The community micro-economy proposed by the Jerus, is an engine for the development and growth of the community and all its members. From the moment the Community cooperates and its members help each other in all respects, the prosperity of the congregation is also personal prosperity, because everything we give-comes back to us.

Benefits for Pastors and organizations
Pastors and organizations can easily digitize daily and personal/congregation work, creating greater purchasing power, enhancing the value of members and saving time and money by not having to mount a system by themselves.

Pastoralists have the ability to easily generate meaningful income and can invest in the community to promote their values. The growth of the congregation will bring new members and it is the responsibility of the pastor to take care that all also grow at a spiritual level.

Risks of crypto-currency
Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that there are a number of problems or drawbacks related to digital currencies.

It is necessary to have Internet access to them. In the contract case, we will not be able to take our money or manage it in any way.

In order for the use to be generalized, a particular currency must be significantly extended. This is what happens, for example, with the Bitcoin, which is used by many people in the world. In the opposite case, there are many people with different currencies, which generates difficulty in their regular handling.

The price is only fixed by the law of supply and demand.

This can lead to heavy price hikes but also great falls, unlike countries that have reserves currency to control any fall.

There are countries in which some virtual currencies are banned, so their use is not encouraged and cannot reach the maximum number of people in the world.

Yes, of course. See answers 7 and 18 above.

Regarding taxes see previous answers. As new regulations, they would generally apply to new currencies and not to existing ones.
As for prohibition, this is unlikely to occur in democratic countries with neoliberal tradition. Indeed, more and more banks and even countries (Japan, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries and more) are interested in or incorporating blockchain technology and favoring the use of the Bitcoin.