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Jerus Coin

The idea of Jerus Coin and Keila, its virtual platform, is part of three fundamental principles that guided Jewish communities throughout the world for centuries and encouraged their growth and prosperity. These principles were: Organization, cooperation and mutual guarantee. Created in Jerusalem, under the technological base of the blockchain (“Blockchain” like Bitcoin or Ethereum), the Jerus Coin comes to incorporate the ultramodern technology in favor of the evangelical communities, to promote the growth and flourishing of Congregations and the prosperity of all its members. The Jerus Coin is the financial basis of a virtual community platform, named KEILA (from the Hebrew: community), which connects the members of a specific evangelical community around their pastor, supplying all the necessary community services : spiritual guidance, community organization, event management, job board, professional services guide offered by community members, loan and Community assistance services, health services and many more, having Jerus coin as the common use currency within the community.

Through the Keila platform, each community can cooperate and maintain interactions of all kinds with other evangelical community members of Keila, both in Latin America and the whole world.All this keeping the complete independence, privacy and security of each congregation and under the guidance of their pastor.

All interactions are secure because the exchange currency is the Jerus, which as all Blockchain-based digital currencies is reliable, secure, transparent and decentralized. In addition, as a digital currency created especially for the evangelical world, it responds to the specific needs of each congregation.
How does it work in particular? -With a desktop computer or a cell phone.Yes, with a mobile phone it is possible to buy products in the warehouse or buy a house, according to the possibilities of each one. It is possible to save or invest money, receive a loan or make donations, it is possible to do everything that is done nowadays with the conventional currency, with the difference that being a digital and decentralized currency, each transaction is immediate, personal and without taxes, so neither the state nor anyone gets in your pockets.

In addition, by acting within a community micro-economy, with each transaction that a member of the congregation makes within the community, it contributes in supporting their communities and in return the community supports each of its members, because in a circle of mutual help, the one who gives in turn receives.The Jerus contains all the known advantages of crypto-currencies, i.e.: instant transactions and without intermediaries, easy to use, negligible commissions, decentralized, no government can control it, having maximum security, the system Blockchain is considered the safest system in the world today and privacy of its users.To this are added advantages of the Jerus as an exchange currency in the evangelical community, such as its capacity to form a community economic ecosystem, the promotion of Organizations and internal cooperation within the congregation, promoting the economic and professional activity, support of specific projects, support to works of charity and Help, to the spiritual work and much more.All this makes the Jerus the key to community prosperity, as it allows to empower the strongest resource of each congregation that is the congregation itself.